Is Alcohol Detox Good Enough for Me to be Done Drinking Altogether?

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If you are tired of being addicted to alcohol and all of the problems that come with this addiction, alcohol detox will be theĀ first step of your treatment program. Remember that detox is only the first phase of therapy. Recovering from alcohol addiction involves much more than only detoxing and removing all of the substance from your system. You will need to go through a treatment program to learn the skills necessary to resist drinking after completing your program.

Inpatient Alcohol Detox Facilities

Alcohol detox should never be attempted alone without the assistance of medical professionals. Detoxing from alcohol can be very dangerous, and even deadly especially if you have been drinking large quantities for an extended period. Seizures are possible and also DTs (delirium tremens) which can cause you to have deadly results if you are alone. In a detox facility, specialists will supervise you around the clock and can assist you if any medical emergencies arise.

Inpatient care will also benefit you by having a licensed physician on hand who can prescribe medications to aid you with the symptoms of withdrawal such as anxiety, irritability, and insomnia. Benzodiazepines are used to relieve these symptoms along with preventing seizures and DTs. Once you are through with the initial stages of withdrawal, you will taper off of the benzodiazepines which can also be addictive if not taken according to directions.

Inpatient Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Once the detoxification is complete, you are only one step closer to recovering from alcohol addiction. Without exploring your substance abuse and realizing the reasons for it, you more than likely will only return to drinking alcohol shortly after returning home from your detox process. To fully recover, you need to enter an addiction treatment program where you will receive one-on-one counseling and group therapy. In individual counseling, you will speak in privacy with a counselor and delve into your personal history and environment to uncover the underlying reasons for your addiction. There are many different root causes for addiction.

You will also attend group therapy where you will meet with your peers with a counselor present to supervise and direct the session. In group therapy, you will discuss your experiences with alcohol abuse as well as discuss your fears and struggles while going through the process leading to a sober life. You will find that you are not alone in your struggle and that others are experiencing the same fears and struggles. You will give and receive support and encouragement through these sessions.

Aftercare Treatment for Relapse Prevention

Upon completion of your treatment program, you will have the skills and tools necessary to signal your triggers that tempt you to use alcohol so you can avoid them. To help with relapse prevention, you will need to join a support group and attend meetings on a regular basis. You need to have someone in your support group that you can call day or night if you feel tempted to drink. Now that you have an alcohol-free and once again productive life, you do not want to slip and drink again. However, if you do slip up or relapse, this is no reason to feel ashamed and like you are a failure. You simply pick yourself up and start anew in your recovery.

Alcohol Detox is NOT Enough to Make You Done Drinking

As you can see now, alcohol detox is only the beginning of your treatment program which leads to recovery from alcohol addiction. There is much more you need to learn about substance abuse and ways to remain alcohol-free once completing your treatment. Don’t deprive yourself of the entire treatment program necessary to stay sober, happy, and healthy once returning to your life. There is much you need to learn about addiction and ways to avoid relapse while living in recovery.

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