Determining Whether You Have a Drinking Problem

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It can be difficult for someone to tell whether or not they have a drinking problem. Many people drink alcohol every day and do not have an addiction. There are some signs that you may notice if you have a drinking problem.

Hiding Your Behavior and Lying

Most people who have an addiction will be in denial about their problem. They will do everything that they can to hide their addiction. If you find yourself having to lie about your drinking habits, then you may have a drinking problem.

Your Health is Suffering

Alcohol is a toxin. That is why if you repeatedly drink too much of it, then your health is likely to suffer. Your liver has to process all of the alcohol that you drink. The liver can get rid of this alcohol and heal on its own. However, if you repeatedly drink alcohol in excess, then the liver will not have any time to recover. The liver is not the only organ that can be affected by alcohol abuse.

Alcohol can damage the immune system and heart. It can also make it difficult for you to manage an existing chronic condition, such as diabetes and heart disease.

Regular Blackouts

Alcohol is a type of depressant. If it is consumed in large doses in a short amount of time, then it can shut down the parts of the brain that control the breathing. That is why many people pass out after binge drinking. Blacking out while drinking is always a red flag.

Blacking out is an indication of alcohol poisoning. It is estimated that six people in the United States die every day due to alcohol poisoning. This is equivalent to 2,200 people per year.

Being Unable to Stop After You Start

Many people deny that they have a drinking problem because they believe that they can stop. However, if you find yourself always drinking more than you intend to, then you probably have a drinking problem. For example, you may intend to have one or two glasses one night, but you end up having four or five.

You Have Gotten Into Legal Trouble

Many people who have a problem with alcohol find themselves in legal trouble. For example, if you have gotten into trouble for drinking and driving or public intoxication, then you likely have an alcohol problem. Additionally, alcohol has also been linked to domestic violence and assault. The reason you are more liable to have legal problems if you are an alcoholic is because alcohol interferes with your ability to make decisions and think properly.

Family and Work Problems

An alcohol problem will eventually begin to affect the people around you. You may find yourself neglecting your responsibilities at home and work. You may also have problems in your interpersonal relationships. Additionally, if you find yourself getting angry when people ask you about your drinking, then you likely have a drinking problem.

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