The Cycle of Addiction

We named this post “the science of drug and alcohol treatment” because there is a known cycle that takes place in human beings that cause habits. Habits can be valuable and habits can also be harmful.

Now, when we’re talking about addiction to harmful substances, that is, of course, a dangerous addiction.

The known cycle that creates habits is called the “momentum cycle.”

Here’s a typical scenario we’ll use as an example of how an addiction may form, which takes place long before a person seeks drug and alcohol treatment. So, imagine that a girl named Jenny experienced a small failure at her workplace. Let’s say she didn’t make as many calls as the boss asked her to do, and her boss reminds her of her failed task. She feels bad about her failed mission, so she doesn’t have much confidence. To relieve her bad feeling, she goes out for a drink with a friend. That’s an action. That work feels good but leads to another drink. Then when she arrives home, she thinks about her boss and her failure again, so she feels like she’d like to drink a little more. If she continues to take the action to drink every time she feels bad about her minor “failure” at work, the efforts will turn into a habit. Once that pattern is formed, and Jenny is actively drinking regularly, she will keep thinking about the “failure” and drinking more, causing momentum for the new habit. At this point, Jenny could stop drinking and change her thinking. She could have a friendly talk with her to figure out how she could succeed.. or she could seek drug and alcohol treatment. Those would be positive changes in her cycle, which would change her habit for the better.. But, if she continues to drink, her practice will gain more and more momentum with every little failure at work.

If you’re at the point where Jenny was, where you started trying a substance to feel better about a failure in your life, you can take the action that will change your projected habit. That golden action is to seek drug and alcohol treatment. To get it started, just give us a call today, we’ll be happy to connect you to the perfect positive facility in your area for treatment.

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