Living Your Life Without Alcohol

Life without alcohol

Living your life without alcohol may be a firstĀ time experience for you. For many, alcohol has been a part of their lives since early adulthood. After all, alcohol is a way of life in the United States for many individuals. Alcohol is always being served at social functions. Society has made drinkingĀ an ordinary life experience and something that is usually expected at social functions. Many people start their evening out for dinner with a cocktail. Co-workers meet at the bar after work for a relaxing drink to unwind. For many this is just a way of life.

However for many, just having one cocktail before dinner or drinking socially is not an option. These individuals cannot stop drinking with only one or two drinks here and there. They continue drinking after the social function is over. They may leave the bar and go home and keep drinking until the night is over. You see, those with alcohol addiction, cannot stop at just one or two drinks. Many alcoholics struggle with this for years before receiving treatment for their addiction.

Life After Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Your addiction treatment program is complete, and you are ready to return home to your normal life. But, what is your normal life? You don’t know what normal is without alcohol present in your everyday life. You have learned all the methods to stay clean and sober in recovery. You have the skills to avoid temptation and know what your triggers are. Now all you have to do is implement these skills. Hopefully, you have set up an aftercare program for continuing your counseling or group therapy to assure your success in staying sober. Don’t think that because you have graduated from your treatment program, that you don’t need further help. You always need support in maintaining your sobriety. Don’t go it alone!

Take Care of Yourself Physically and Emotionally

Taking care of your health by eating right, exercising, and getting plenty of sleep will help you with your cravings for alcohol. Keep in touch with friends who will support you in your sobriety. There are many activities you can do which do not include alcohol. Loneliness is one of the leading causes for drinking alcohol for many. You can stay busy with community activities, volunteer work, and new hobbies. Finding employment is a sure way to help your self-esteem and self-worth. All of these are ideas of what to do with your time to avoid relapse. You can always make new friends to enjoy in your sober life.

Talking to Family and Friends

Talking with family and friends is very helpful when starting your life without alcohol or drugs. If you are feeling stressed, sad, lonely, any feelings you may be having are much easier to cope with when you share them with someone. Family and friends can be very supportive and help immensely, especially when you are just beginning your recovery. You don’t want to hold your feelings in and maybe trigger a relapse. A supportive family can help you make healthy and sound choices at these times.

A Relapse Does Not Mean Your Life Without Alcohol is Over

If you do slip and drink again, don’t give up on your sobriety. The strongest and most hard-working people often do have a relapse after recovery from addiction. Addiction is like being on a diet or having diabetes and living without sweets. If you fall off the horse, don’t beat yourself up about it. Get back on the horse and start over with your recovery. No one ever said you have to be perfect in recovery. You try as hard as you can and do what you think will help you maintain your sobriety. However, sometimes things happen which you cannot handle at the time.

Don’t give up on your sobriety if you do have a relapse. Don’t think of yourself as a failure and doomed to addiction for the rest of your life. You start a new day and a new effort to live your life without alcohol.

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