My Treatment for Alcohol

I’d like to tell you a short story about my alcohol dependence in a way that you may be able to relate. I hope my story sparks some useful insight that will help you make your best decision if you find yourself in a situation of alcohol dependence. First, the word dependence means the state of relying on or being controlled by someone or something else. In this case, we’re speaking of relying on the substance of alcohol.

I started drinking beer when I was in Junior High School. The reason I started drinking was mainly peer pressure. My older friends who were already drinking for a few years would encourage me to try a beer all the time. I didn’t like the taste of it at; first, I only liked to smoke marijuana at that point. As I tried the beer a couple of times one night, I ended up feeling the effect of it, a slight drunk. I would go on to drink at parties regularly, two times a week, and sometimes get so drunk that I’d throw up. As I enjoyed the parties and drank several beers at each, I started to need more beer to get drunk that usual.

At that point, my alcohol dependence had begun. I could have slowed down with the drinking and gone back to normal. Instead, I started drinking more beer at parties to get the drunk feeling I had before. I even started sometimes drinking on the weekdays. It got to a point when I would play beer pong, a drinking game, about five times a week. One of the big problems for me with my drinking was, I didn’t mind driving when I was drunk. I would leave parties drunker than a skunk and tear through neighborhood yards. I would speed down side streets guzzling beer with the friends I left the party with, putting everyone in the car’s life in danger, along with the other drivers on the road. I ended up crashing several cars, but I never got hurt. I did have to pay quite a bit of money in damages I caused, and got my license taken from the authorities.

The momentum of my alcohol dependency was rising until that point.

I finally had the sense to that I had a drinking problem after I crashed into a family’s home, car, and mailbox. I felt bad about what I had done and did not feel right about it. I called and got set up to receive treatment to help me with my alcohol addiction. Good thing I did, otherwise, I may be dead or in jail right now.

I urge you to take action on your addiction before it’s too late!

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