Myths vs Facts About Alcoholism

facts about alcoholism

A myth is defined as “a false belief or idea.”  We usually think of myths as simple stories shared by our grandparents or other relatives.  However, there are other types of myths that are false beliefs that society still holds as truth.  When myths are applied in real life situations, the results can be disastrous.  For example, there are some myths about alcoholism that need to be debunked before any more lives are damaged.

Most Common Myths About Alcoholism

  • Myth:  Alcoholics lack the willpower to change.
  • Fact Alcoholism is considered a disease that requires medical intervention to overcome.

  • Myth An alcoholic must hit rock bottom before they can be helped.
  • Fact Waiting to hit rock bottom is not advised.  An alcoholic can enter treatment at any time and reap the benefits of professional help.

  • Myth:  People who still hold a job aren’t alcoholics.
  • Fact:  Many alcoholics manage to keep their jobs.  They are known as “functional alcoholics.”  These individuals have become skilled at hiding their addiction.

  • Myth:  Social drinking is nothing to worry about.  Everybody does it.
  • Fact:  Millions of people cross the line from being a social drinker to being an alcoholic.  Some of them drink several drinks before going to an event so they can maintain their illusion to others of being a light drinker.

  • Myth:  Treatment is a magic cure for alcoholism.
  • Fact:  Overcoming alcoholism is an ongoing process that the former addict will face each day.  Detox and rehab are not a cure.  Detox heals the body, while rehab trains the mind to cultivate better strategies for coping with daily life.  Every day, the person will have to consciously choose not to drink.

  • Myth:  Being sober is boring.
  • Fact:  Many recovering addicts express that after becoming sober, they’ve learned how to have fun truly.  They find new hobbies, new ways of being entertained and are having a good time when they go out with friends or family.

  • Myth:  Alcoholics are ragged, dirty, toothless people who drink cheap liquor and sleep in alleys or under bridges.
  • Fact:  Alcoholism doesn’t discriminate.  Some wealthy, high-profile professionals are alcoholics.  Some of our favorite movie stars or sports stars are alcoholics.  Many moms, dads, sisters, brothers, aunts, or uncles from any race, financial status, or social standing can have problems with alcohol.

Of course, there are more myths about alcoholism, but the point is, when these myths keep an alcoholic in denial, then they become dangerous.  Believing the myths is a good way to justify continued drinking.  However, as time progress, the person’s physical and mental health continues to deteriorate.  Suddenly, alcohol poisoning or death can happen without warning.

What is the Solution for Alcoholics Who are in Denial?

It is important to remember that alcoholism is not caused by alcohol.  Alcohol is merely the facilitator.  Alcohol is often used as a form of self-medication to help a person escape unpleasant or painful memories or situations.  Rather than face their problems, they hide away in a drunken stupor only to sober up and find the problems are still there.  In this way, a cycle is established that is hard to break.

Other factors that play a role in causing alcoholism are as follows:

  • mental problems
  • peer pressure
  • genetic predisposition
  • a family history of alcoholism

Although alcoholism is difficult to overcome, millions of people are living on the other side of addiction today.  Professional treatment works.  It is the best option for anyone who is determined to succeed in walking away from alcohol for good.

If you’d like to know more about the myths vs. facts about alcoholism, call now and one of our representatives will be happy to talk with you about that subject.  If you are ready to begin a treatment program for your alcohol addiction, we can help you with that, also.

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